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Last Weekend I spent part of Saturday making a short film. We want to enter a film festival set up for ANZAC so the film follows a series of exchanges in a single family over pros and cons of war when one of the family members is sent away to war.

We chose to make it 48-hour film style because its close to Christmas and everyone is getting very busy. I did not think I'd have time to edit but I did do one version last night and this morning for the other participants to have a look at. Primarily, I'm in it.

For the most part it was also experimental in that we had no script... just character outlines and a general idea of what to talk about.

One actor double booked and could not come in the end so my character's position changed from anti-war to pro-war to balance the other anti-war characters. In the scenes where I really "felt" in character... does that come across clearly? Sometimes.

I'm not yet ready to recommend making a film using an improvised script. I'll let you know if we win any prize! Looking back I really wish I'd had pre-thought out lines written down...

As far as editing, there was a good deal of talking heads, but I found footage of red fireworks through trees taken a year ago on New Years Eve that I can throw in with effects to make it seem like flash backs of some untold war. Never thought that stuff would come in handy.

Lastly the producer/director chose to only used camera quality sound... and while it's audible, it doesn't bring the voice to the front and that makes it lack a certain level of professionalism.

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