My New Feature Film Project

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What's different?

This is a different experience already because I'm stepping out of working purely with volunteers and paying for nearly everything myself like a hobby from camera to lights to sound equipment and beyond to working with a producer. A producer deals with all the financial stuff.

It doesn't mean I won't have volunteers but I'd also like to be able to pay some of the people who come on board - especially professional actors and crew who really want to make a career of it versus those who are just looking for a fun thing to do in the holidays.

There are a couple of Bible versus about how a labourer is worth his wages both in the Gospels and the Epistles and that was on my heart for months. Even more so out of a grateful heart for the professional job and dedication offered to me for free by some very talented people out there. It's time to find a way to bless others...

And then... not really knowing how to find a producer, someone who has been learning about it asked if they could produce my next film... And he is guiding me through every step of the way.

What steps are you taking?

I wanted to make a video for - a crowd funding website but he didn't think that crowdfun was the best, nevertheless he has ideas on how to try and make it as successful as possible.

Right now he has helped create a written interview and coached me on how to make a video for it. I'm just listening and following from the perspective that this is what God has given me, so listen!

We are first going to try and find a thousand people who might be interested in the project to sign up for more information using the resources and contacts we already have. I think I'd find it harder if I didn't have someone telling me what to do!

Stay tuned!

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