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"Key?" is finally ready for public release! One actor was concerned about the next project being too low budget, wondering if it was worth his while as far as advancing his own career so I suggested he look at my last project's quality and then decide.

After he saw the first episode, he was convinced. So I guess it isn't too shabby.

Last weekend I finished filming 6 out of 11 scenes for the sci-fi film festival ( and aim to finish the remaining 5 this weekend before submitting it by December 13th. Run by the same folks that run the 48 hour film festival, our team name is "Heaven Bound."

How does Christianity fit into science-fiction? Well... the Christian message is simply to not be unequally yoked (in marriage).

Quite by accident, there's also some interesting symbolism of a created being rejecting the creator both in terms of rejecting relationship and ceasing to acknowledge the existence of the creator and horror of that act brings to the creator...

It will be screened in late December in Sydney. As soon as they youtube it, I'll post it on the website!


The casting for the next film in January is finally finished with a live audition to determine who the main actress will be to carry the film.

The winning student film from my school is now available online through the Macarthur film festival's youtube channel. I presented the students with their own certificates today at the school assembly!

After registering for the scifi film festival - purely for short films, I've got my marching orders - and a 6 page script!

This coming weekend is designated for organizing set pieces and scheduling for January. With the short film festival in particular, I want to continue to work on interesting transitions and plastic heads will make an appearance!


Exhausted from happiness the last two days. Earlier this year, in the same way that I animated the "Plastic Head," I combined the spoken poetry of students with their hand-drawn pictures.

With the students' and parents' permission, I combined several of these for submission into a local film festival in October and our school won first place last night.

We won an expensive guitar from Sweden - a guitar by the same brand name that ABBA used. More importantly, it raises the image of our school in the community. I loved listening to how the audience responded!

I got to share the good news and show off the guitar today and I am extra tired from being so happy!


I ran a casting call at the last few days. While not everyone is suited to the next film, I've noted a couple whose show reels made me smile or laugh I'd like to see in a year from now if there is a part for them in the 2015 family/comedy project.

I love watching the show reels and I hope every one of them is able to get paid for what they do. I am so grateful to every volunteer! Volunteers are gold! My own Starnow profile is here and I've created a new trailer for Key? that includes soundtrack this time!


Welcome to my online diary / blog for this website. While the one hour feature, Key? has been completed, I've rated it "L" for learner. In Australia and the UK, drivers that don't yet have their license have "L" plates on their cars. It's sort of a warning not to expect the same kind of experience as you would expect from someone who has passed the driver test and has been driving a while.

Similarly, I'm not about to say, "look at me, I'm awesome" when I can see how much I still have to learn and grow as a film maker. But if you watch it and you think I'm still awesome, then thank God... and let me know!

The process of editing the major project of 2013 - Key? - has been one of fixing one set of problems which reveal more. Then I fix those only to find more! It has been done in layer after layer, honing and refining and there were issues I just could not see in the beginning until the most obvious ones were taken care of.

I have gone as far as I can go without starting from scratch with better equipment (especially sound), and greater consideration over how location choice affects the filming for better or worse.

I am hoping to making another short feature in 2014 to hone technical skills. It is only after I understand certain aspects of film making more clearly that I can direct a larger crew with a foundation of experience and clearer vision from that experience.

"Key" will not be sold as a feature film unless enough people request it because legally it needs to be rated by the Australian government before any sales distribution is allowed. Thus, it will be uploaded to youtube in 6 episodes for free!

If more than 50 people want to buy it as some kind of collector's edition, they will have to let me know and pre-order so I can pay the government for the priveledge!

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