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Radio interview with a Producer

This got my attention - an interview with a man who sells secrets for raising capital for films. I watched it recently and even without paying for the how-to information product, it's informative albeit slightly intimidating...


The intimidating factor from just this small snippet? Knowing that you have to get all these different things "right" or you'll go nowhere fast.

Being Ready

You see, he tells us in his product page that he learned how to do this spectacular film financing thing over years... a decade in fact.

And what I'm finding is that there's a lot of things in this industry that can only be gained by experience that makes us ready to absorb the advice.

All the good advice in the world will go nowhere unless we are first ready for it. To be ready, I think we have to have a certain amount of optimism to overcome the intimidation that's out there.

However, because I'm considering using Kickstarter to raise capital for the next film, the quote from this guy's sales page has intrigued me - which is in small grey text about halfway down the page.

It says: "I truly believe that without Tom Malloy’s information, we would have never been successful on our Kickstarter Campaign. George Antonopoulos, Filmmaker - Born To Lead"

Hmmmm. And then he points out how quickly we could spend the cost of this "system" on dinner and a movie. Which honestly... he's got me there! So now I'm wondering what is more valuable?

So... in any case, you can check it out for yourself. Click here to reach the product through an affiliate link (which means if you buy it, I do get a small percentage).

Read the fine print...

An even cheaper idea is to read the reviews of his book on - Bankroll by Tom Malloy.

What I found most intriguing is the summary of films he's been involved with - and the subtle reference to contacts he made through them in the editorial section (before the reviews even start).

Now this is something I've been noticing from industry to industry. Mum's into real estate and she's bought magazines about people my age who have done really well with real estate. Yet, in every one, there's someone backing them. Nobody does it alone no matter what they tell you.

The No BS Marketing book author, Dan Kennedy is surely full of good ideas but there was this thing I read by him - or perhaps it was a CD I listened to - where he mentioned something about not being into having employees.

Yet at some point I caught mention of his mother helping him in the office... There's always someone backing successful people whether they acknowledge it or not.

Contacts and Practise

So - build your team. I think that's what takes the decade - along with a good learning curve to get all the other bits right Tom mentions in the interview. (Spielberg took about a decade of practise as a kid until his early twenties before getting a studio job so I'm giving myself at least that).

How do you make contacts? You've got to keep busy in the industry you love! God can certainly help us all to connect with the right people but they are unlikely to pop out of the refridgerator if we stay at home waiting for them.

That said, faith still plays a huge role in moving forward. I know that at the end of the day God is the ultimate contact. You can read about a particular experience I had along those lines here - but not by sitting at home twiddling my fingers.

The Best Teacher Is...

While a negative reviewer on feels you can get the same information elsewhere, the other reason why we keep reading and checking out what new people have to say is that there may be one new thing we learn that we didn't pick up or were not ready for with the last thing.

I've heard successful business people talk about their ongoing absorption of information to improve - because just one new idea can make a difference.

Or perhaps a particular voice will resonate with us more and encourage us. Anyone whose been to school may have had teachers that could reach them, and teachers in the same subject area that couldn't.

The positive reviewers for Tom Malloy seem to be encouraged by his energy in particular. Going by the interview - what was your reaction?

Happy hunting!

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