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My most recent online casting notice for a short film has yielded far fewer results compared to my efforts a year ago to cast for a feature film. Little results despite making mention that there is a $500 award for the best performer as it's a film festival film whereas the feature was 100% volunteer.

Speed Casting?

Firstly, I am wondering if the speed at which I need to source actors (fast) is a factor. Last year, I sourced actors from those who had already applied for the feature film and happened to have a weekend spare as well.

Feature vs. Short films

Secondly, I am wondering if the idea of a feature film excites a larger pool of actors. Logically, a feature film offers an actor potentially more scope to work with - there may be a perception of larger roles and more scope.

Specific Character Descriptions

Thirdly, I am wondering if I made the character descriptions too specific especially in terms of types and ages - older, and specifics about appearance, thus drastically reducing the pool of actors even willing to have a go without any promise of a paycheck...

So... Keeping these three things in mind, I might just go with anyone I already know who is willing!

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