Close Shave - First Place Winner in the Open Section for the Macarthur Film Fest

"Close Shave"

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Several months ago, I found myself sitting at the end of my friends' dining table discussing entering a local film competition - the Macarthur Film Fest. I had entered the year before in a different category - and we won first place then too. It had been a most exciting moment and I remember I could not stop smiling! I was so happy, even the next morning.

Sitting at that table that night I was already mentally exhausted. I could not comprehend taking on another project and was still in post-production on the feature, 1010. The day-job was also extremely draining at that moment in time and I shyed away from accepting a directorial role on that night.

However, I was still curious to see another director at work, and volunteered to do the camera work only. One of my favourite websites - - had mentioned learning how to do everything in order to be a better director afterall. And it was good.

I learned that while I might know what sort of shots to do to help tell the story, this other professional photographer I've worked with not only gets the shot type - she makes it beautiful. She can put the camera in places I wouldn't think of and it's just - beautiful. I now appreciate the dedicated photography professional even more than before.

We were finalists and then - our team won with our "Close Shave" entry - thrilling for every member.

Tomorrow I'm putting myself on the other side of the camera for a sci-fi film festival. Acting. I already know editing myself will be a nightmare. Who can judge themselves most accurately? I've asked the director from "Close Shave" to help out - an extra eye to tell me when if I start over-acting.

It's going to be another long day but what fun! Stay tuned - everything for this festival must be entered through uploading to youtube. Official selections become public after the awards night.

I did not win the sci-fi festival last year but winning is actually not my priority here. I'm more interested in "the message" and the promise of a big screen audience to every entrant...

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