alien model with egg white dripped on it - egg goo

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Today's preparation for an alien film... and how I did it.

This afternoon, I cut up a cracker box, covered it in aluminium foil and made a door. This is roughly for the "spaceship" but I'll need to replace the foil with some other material later that does not look so bad (see picture below).

I found some old plasticine and used a skewer to hold the giant alien head firmly while squishing some more plasticine into the body shape. I stuck the entire thing into a piece of cut potato.

I'd initally tried using plasticine for the base but the weather was so warm and the plasticine so squishy it kept falling over as the alien head makes it top heavy. Then I drizzled uncooked white egg goo over it (see picture above).

I used a small battery-operated camera light on the inside to get the silhouette effect and make it look more interesting on the inside of "the ship" as the multiple LED lights create texture:

alien model with egg white dripped on it - egg goo

I have a macro lense so I can get those close-ups to make it seem larger than life even though in reality it's smaller than my Doctor Who salt and pepper shakers (the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Dalek on the table):

alien model with egg white dripped on it - egg goo

I did some live video, manipulating one of the arms by poking it from underneath with a skewer and wiggling the head by poking it from above but the camera really needs to be locked down (on a tripod) and lastly, I want to get out a smoke machine to complete the look...

Most of the time I want the alien to appear in very rapid flashbacks - not long enough for the audience to pick out too much detail but enough to satisfy their need to see something weird!

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