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"I Am Alone," a 7 minute sci-fi short for the local Sydney Film Festival was shown at the Wesley Mission Conference Centre.

I think the winners were Christians too with their film having a message of forgiveness for the bad human race and their acceptance thanking God. All heart-warming!

I've linked to my entry in the festivals section of this website. Regarding the acting, I'm getting different feedback along gendered lines to date - quite interesting.

Later Note: Men and women read the film very differently... more men feel there isn't enough emotion... My mother observed other teams were mainly male-dominated crews with several crew member whereas I was a single Mum doing everything crew-wise alone. Hmmm. Much food for thought here as far as considering your audience!

Much better feedback on the camera work and sound compared to the last project so it's good to see there's significant growth.

Go ahead and use it for some Bible study issues! If you want to use it in your church to talk about things like not being unequally yoked, go ahead. You have my permission!

Later Note: Listing it with IMDB - more of a headache. I never checked the title before listing it and another film with the same name had also been released this year. Just, annoying!

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