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   Criticism about my current project

I finished editing earlier than planned because the sound was way better this year and I didn't lose as much time redoing sound, feeble attempts at ADR, and while parts of the film still draw criticism, I feel it is positive with more with an eye to further refinement next time.

I can't watch the last one anymore without cringing... I see many more things that need fixing. But this one is really watchable.


1. Film Markets

I was loaned a book from the library that talked about film markets overseas. Visually they look like wedding expos. Then I then found a course online through "FilmSpecific.com" about how to contact film sales representatives. (No I'm not getting paid to mention them).

I feel totally new to the whole process but it helped increase my confidence that there might actually be ways to market film out there.

At one point the tutor describes the sales representatives as "hungry" for new material - and "new" seems to be important... There are even representatives that deal primarily with independant films and filmmakers!


2. Commercial Film Lengths

My tutor warned me my film was too short. Indeed, only one very kind film sales representative from the company called Multivisionnaire wrote back to explain what these markets demand:

- 80 min is really the minimum film length for a DVD-only title

- 95 min is for TV & DVD type titles (this give them space to edit for censorship issues and still be in the 90 min range)

- 50 min documentaries are consider 1-hour length

My tutor had also recommended trying self-distribution also and I am trying to learn about that also.


3. My first domain name for a film!

In any case, it's the first film for which I bought a domain name for: 1010movie.com. (In case you're wondering, I used crazydomains.com.au - an Australian based company for buying website domain names). And no - I'm not getting paid to mention them!

I have learned that it is important to have a website with a trailer for film agents and...


4. IMDB listings before release?

I believe IMDB listings are important as far as building credibility and bonus - assisting all your actors in building their resume too and their ability to market themselves. When they give so much, it's another great way to bless them.

Before I named the film, I actually did searches on IMDB to try to find something a little bit more original yet I still wanted the title to reflect the film's content and provoke a question, What does it mean?!"

I finally listed the film on IMDB even though it has not yet been publically released: 1010 on IMBD website. IMDB has rules regarding listings though - you really have to prove it will be released at some stage.

They don't want folks to list projects that never get completed. At the time of this writing, having a trailer at a third part website (like youtube or vimeo) helps. The more information you can give, the better.


5. Be consistent

While my first feature project is nowhere near as good as "1010," there is something huge in its favour - it shows I finish what I start. That's important to attract people to future projects - professionals and investors.

   The Next One!

Meanwhile, I'm planning to try kickstarter to raise funds with a charity edge. And one actor-turned-producer who has offered to help raise funds. I praise God for that since the Bible says "a worker is worth his wages" and it's my heart's desire to pay these awesome volunteers and continue to improve the quality of the overall product with increasingly better equipment and professionals.

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