Pre-Production for the Next Feature

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   Warning: Buying During the Christmas Season

Running around to get props and costume items at this time of year is hard with store closures, even with online delays as far as mailing items.

Note to self - don't do this aspect of preparation at this time of year! I am thankful though because I've been exhausted from the school year and catching up on a lot of sleep!


More Equipment!

I'm excited in that I've added a few more weapons to my film-making arsenal - a dolly (easier to carry to other locations instead of borrowing a friend's wheel chair!) and boom poles made by the same company the microphones are from so I can be confident of compatibility.

Now I just have to wait for them to show up in the mail! I've also got some new hats for the police characters and a cowboy hat for me!


Another Lighting Consideration

And lastly, I tried to order quieter lights which will hopefully contribute to catching much better sound.


When is it Too Far?

We had a rehearsal with the main actress but I worried about her travelling so far (4 hour round trip by car each time) and being so young... despite her ambition. So I prayed about it and let God figure it out.

Well, the next day after I prayed, she emailed me to say she didn't feel she could do it and I was able to ask a local girl who was in the sci-fi film, who I felt did a great job and responded really well to direction.

There was one complication - she can't drive a car and the script requires driving! But considering we figured out how to film learner drivers legally and successfully complete a car chase sequence in the last film, I'm not worried in the least!


The night of the first shoot went really well. I sometimes wonder if I'll get there and get overwhelmed with shyness but it was fine. Everyone was amazing!

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